How You Can Learn .NET

You do not have to wait for the new year to learn something new. What if you have always wanted to know more about .net but you have been putting it off? Now is the time to learn more details about it. There is good news for you – there are different ways that you can learn how to use .NET.

How to Learn .NET

Do you know that there are so many videos created by the .NET team? Various topics are discussed. From the different desktop apps that are available from the different languages that you may also be interested in, you are bound to find the topic that you are searching for. Since they are separated into several videos, you do not have to feel overwhelmed with all of the new information that you will learn.

You can check the videos that they created if you look at YouTube. Just choose the topic that you feel will help you start learning more about .NET soon.

Check Out Microsoft Learn

This can be effective if you want to master different core concepts at your speed. You can check the different modules that they are offering. Some can finish a whole module in about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can also choose to learn different things on schedule. This can be helpful when you know that you are also doing other things. You just want to be reminded that you can learn .NET during your spare time.

Consider Learning from ASP.NET/Core Modules

Are you already curious about the different modules that are being offered? These are some of the topics that you can learn. Just choose whichever you feel will be most effective:

  1. Make a Web UI using ASP.NET Core – You can learn how to create different web pages while using a template engine.
  2. Secure the ASP.NET Core web app with the use of Identity Framework – You will learn how to add authentication and authorization to your ASP.NET Core web app.
  3. Make a Web API with the use of ASP.NET Core – You will be able to create a service that will help you handle different operations.

What About Looking at Different Documents?

You can take a look at different docs right now that you will find online. There are some tutorials, reference pages, SDK, and so much more. You just need to check out the different pages that are related to you.

The internet is a vast place. You are bound to find a lot of websites, videos, documents, and so much more that will provide the information that you are looking for. Some online courses need to be paid for. You can learn faster especially if things will be explained to you clearly. Self-learning will work too. It will depend on how you usually learn and what you think will work for you.

Learning .NET and Java

Some people feel that Java is easier to learn than .NET. It will depend on you and what you are interested to learn. If you want something that will help you create Windows-based applications, .NET is ideal so that you can create the framework that you want.

A lot of programmers say that the web applications that they can see in .NET are easier to understand as compared to Java. If you want to learn something new, this can be something that you can start on soon.

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